CHCID Mission, Domestic Water and Irrigation

For training purposes, the office will be closed to the public beginning Monday, June 20th thru Thursday, June 23rd. Thank you for your continued support patience. 

Irrigation schedules are posted here by 1:00 pm every Tuesday.

North Side Irrigation Schedule 06/22/22

for Irrigation emergencies please call Cruz at (480)797-1132. For domestic emergencies please call Arnold at (480)226-5050.

Call to Election

Each year a seat on the CHCID Board of Directors comes up for election or re-election, if the person holding the seat wishes to run for re-election. For details on the requirements and deadlines, click here


New water meter installation throughout the district is almost complete.  About 100 or so very old meters will require a few hours down time and will be addressed with impacted residents one at a time through the end of 2022. Thank you for your patience as we improve our systems! 

Mission Statement

Chandler Heights Citrus Irrigation District exists to provide our community with an exceptional and reliable supply of high-quality drinking water that meets or exceeds all EPA and ADEQ drinking water standards, at the lowest possible cost.

Secondarily, CHCID provides irrigation water to residential and agricultural parcels that are of sufficient size to accept a minimum of ½ hour of typical irrigation water at a rate of 1400 GPM. We are UNABLE to accommodate special requests.  If you purchase irrigation, you are responsible for having someone available to receive water whenever it is assigned to you. You may work with your neighbors or hire someone to open and close for you if you cannot be there.

Office Phone number: 480-988-2731
Emergency number: 480-226-8335


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