CHCID Mission, Domestic Water and Irrigation

 Mission Statement

Chandler Heights Citrus Irrigation District exists to provide our community with an exceptional and reliable supply of high quality drinking water that meets or exceeds all EPA and ADEQ drinking water standards, at the lowest possible cost.

Secondarily, CHCID provides irrigation water to residential and agricultural parcels that are of sufficient size to accept a minimum of ½ hour of typical irrigation water at a rate of 1400 GPM.

We are UNABLE to accommodate special requests.  If you purchase irrigation, you are responsible for having someone available to receive water whenever it is assigned to you. You may work with your neighbors or hire someone to open and close for you if you cannot be there.


 Irrigation Schedule for South Side (07/18/2018-07/22/2018)

Purchase for North Side Irrigation until Monday at 9:00 A.M.

Just a reminder, starting July 30th Pay Pal will no longer be available. The online signup for irrigation is at the top of this page- Prepaid Irrigation Signup.

Irrigation schedules are posted here by 1:00 pm every Tuesday.

November 2018 Call of Election Information

To pay either domestic or irrigation bills via credit card, please complete this authorization form FIRST.

The CHCID Board of Directors has recognized the District has grown and the need for an additional water storage tank to process & treat domestic water is now here. Working with the District Engineer, the CHCID Board of Directors has gathered bids and has accepted one to build a 500,000 gallon water storage tank at the CHCID Water District site on Valencia. This will take a few months until fully functional. Plans are proceeding on schedule. The citrus trees have been removed to accommodate the new tank.


**Note to Residents using PayPal to purchase irrigation: we cannot accept e-checks through Paypal; debit, credit cards or your prepaid PayPal account is acceptable. The reason is that e-checks take up to 10 days to clear and we cannot guarantee irrigation water if the payment has not cleared. We still accept personal checks, credit, debit or money orders to pay on either your domestic or irrigation account if paid in the office, by mail or phone.

Gaskets, click here: – If some of your irrigation valves are leaking it is likely to be because the gasket is worn out. CHCID does sell gaskets for the most common valves in use, including for the obsolete KT valves.


Re-Zoning Information for Maricopa County

Last Updated:  July 17, 2018

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