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              Irrigation is Pre-Paid. To fund your irrigation account, click on the tab at the top of this page.Questions regarding your balance or irrigation account, please call the office at


North of San Tan 2022 Irrigation Full Year Sign-up Dates

South of San Tan 2022 Irrigation Full Year Sign-up Dates

Sign up for irrigation between Wednesday and Monday at 9:00 am the week of your irrigation cycle. The sign up window closes promptly at 9:00 AM. The Zanjeros need time to create the schedule  based on where and how much water is ordered. It is not possible to add to the schedule after 9:00 AM on Mondays. The Zanjeros make every effort to work with residents who have special needs or inflexible work schedules, but it’s never going to be a flawless system. Your understanding and cooperation is appreciated.

Remember that once you request water, you are responsible for having someone available at your property to open risers to receive water, monitor for overflows and leaks, and close risers ON TIME. We all depend on one another to be timely and attentive to our irrigation. If you need help, observe leaks, have low flow issues or have any questions, contact your Zanjero first, while the issue is happening. We are not able to diagnose a problem after the fact.

North of San Tan Blvd. Zanjero’s cell phone (Tony) — 480-226-2122
South of San Tan Blvd. Zanjero’s cell phone (Paul, Cruz) — 480-797-1132

The District is comprised of main lines that basically run East/West and private lines that stem off the main lines and run through neighborhoods.  CHCID is responsible for the maintenance and water direction in the main lines. The private lines that run through your property are the responsibility of each homeowner both for maintenance and irrigation operation (opening and closing valves on time). The Zanjero’s job is to direct the water from the main line to your neighborhood. Irrigation is available to any land parcel within the District than can hold 30 minutes of irrigation. Irrigation alternates between the north and south sides of the district. You will be able to irrigate every other week. 

It is YOUR responsibility to open and close your valves in a timely manner. Late opening or closing of risers affects your neighbors who are before or after you on the schedule. Please be courteous and keep a close eye on time, monitor and watch for leaks or gopher damage so that you can proactively keep water on your property (not running down the roads). If you experience a problem, such as low water flow, call your Zanjero while the problem is occurring. We can’t fix something after the fact. 

Well Pricing:

  • Well #2 South- $23.50/hr
  • Well #2 North- $24.40/hr
  • Well #3- $26.00/hr
  • Well #6 South- $26.00/hr
  • Well #6 North- $29.08/hr
  • Well #7- $25.20/hr

If you need replacement Gaskets, click here:

Irrigation Policies and Procedures. Please read.

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