Irrigation Information

The District is comprised of main lines that basically run East/West and private lines that stem off the main lines and run through neighborhoods.  CHCID is responsible for the maintenance and water direction in the main lines. The private lines that run through your property are the responsibility of each homeowner both for maintenance and irrigation operation (opening and closing valves on time). The Zanjeros job is to direct the water from the main line to your neighborhood-not to open /close your personal valves. Landowners are responsible to install and maintain the pipes and valves (risers) to make it possible to properly irrigate their land or hook up household (potable) water. The district maintains standards that must be followed before we are able to connect your private pipe to the main system. Details are available at the office.

Irrigation is available to any land parcel within the District than can hold 30 minutes of irrigation. Irrigation is a pre-paid account. You must have an irrigation account with the district, and the account must have a positive balance. Irrigation accounts must have a credit reflecting the amount of money for the water you order.

Residents may order and pay for irrigation here on-line or in person at the signup sheets posted outside the office.

Irrigation alternates between the north and south sides of the district. You will be able to irrigate every other week.

Deadline for your week of irrigation is 9:00am on Monday.  If you sign up after 9:00am on Monday, it is unlikely that you will be on the schedule. The Zanjeros need time to create the schedule  based on where and how much water is ordered. Asking them to re-do the schedule because you are late, especially during the summer months, is difficult to accommodate. You can call the office at 480-988-2731 and request a late sign up and IF POSSIBLE, the Zanjero may be able to add you to the schedule for an additional fee. It is not a guarantee that you will receive water if you sign up late or call your Zanjero directly. All efforts are made to deliver water to everyone who needs it, but we all must work together to make it possible. Please be considerate of your Zanjero. Each Monday, the Zanjero for the area that will be irrigated collects the orders for water and plans where and when water can most efficiently be delivered. The date and time of your irrigation is dependent on the total water ordered and where it is to be delivered. The Zanjeros make every effort to work with residents who have special needs or inflexible work schedules, but it’s never going to be a flawless system. Your understanding and cooperation is appreciated.

Remember that once you request water, you are responsible for having someone available at your property to open risers to receive water, monitor for overflows and leaks, and close risers ON TIME. We all depend on one another to be timely and attentive to our irrigation.

If you need help or have any questions, contact your Zanjero first.

North of San Tan Blvd. Zanjero’s cell phone (Vance, Jose) — 480-226-2122
South of San Tan Blvd. Zanjero’s cell phone (Paul,Cruz) — 480-797-1132

If you need replacement Gaskets, click here:

Schedule of Fees & Penalties. Irrigation violations do not reset annually, but do reset after 1 year if there are no more violations.

Irrigation Policies and Procedures. Please read.

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